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Mistycal Kosanin lakes

Those two lakes have an ability to dry in rainy days and to fill in with water when the weather is dry. Strange, isn’t it? Some people also believe one of them is salty even though is high in the middle of the forest of beech and spruce at the altitude of 900 m. Thus, the second claim nobody confirmed , neither locals and science.

Interesting fact is that those lakes are a natural habitat of 3 different murmurs, interesting small amphibians, which is very rare for one place. Great lake is 180 m long and the depth varies. Lakes are part of Biosphere reserve Golija-Studenica and the first zone of protection.

Legend says that the fairies gathered and played kolo around these lakes and that each sod on a great lake represents one fairy.By the way, it is a peat made full ofsodswith a lot ofCarex paniculata grass.The ambience itself is very impressive and mystical at any time of the year and can be visited on foot from several directions: from the Pridvorica monastery, from the village of Rudno, from the direction of the Izubra waterfall, but also from our restaurant in Milice.

The famous botanist and academician Nedeljko Košanin, after whom the lake was named, originated from this area (the village of Čečina) and is considered one of the heirs of Josip Pančić.He explored the Golija lakes, the mountains of Serbia, Northern Macedonia and Albania, discovered specimens of rare plant species in the region and spent part of his working time in the Botanical Garden in Belgrade.The primary school in the village of Devići is named after him.

As science claims, these lakes are in the phase of disappearing, so hurry up to visit them!

Text by: Pavle Pavlovic, tourist guide
Photos: Pavle Pavlovic