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Hermitage of Saint Sava on the mountains Čemerno

The mountain on the left side of the river Studenica hides the jewel of medieval architecture in the spirit of Christianity, which was built by Saint Sava on the model of hermitages from the Mount Athos. At this location, in the near vicinity of our hotel, he found his peace in which, according to tradition, he wrote the famous Studenički tipik. This is the period when Saint Sava continued the works on the construction of the Studenica monastery and brought the best practice from Mount Athos here to the valley of the river Studenica.

At the eighth kilometer from the Studenica monastery and only 2 kilometers from the Radočelo hotel is the beginning of the walking path to the hermitage. It takes about an hour of easy walking without breaks to reach the “house of silence” –Upper Hermitage of Saint Sava. The narrow path leads you along the steep southern slope of the mountain Čemerno, through a predominantly oak forest, so it is pleasant to walk even in the warm summer days. The first break is usually made by the Lower Hermitage where Sava’s fresh water spring of cold mountain water from Čemerno is located.

The trail continues above the Lower Hermitage about 200 m straight and continues to climb zigzag up the hill. There are signatures and mini rest areas with benches in several places. The upper hermitage is located about 400 m above the river Studenica and the path from the asphalt road is about 3 km long in one direction. The hermitage is open and active. Monks from StudenicaMonastery are taking care of it. Visit it in peace and quiet. You can return to the starting point of the hike the same way.

Experience this hike as a pilgrimage or as hiking, one thing is for sure – you will be full of impressions!

Text by: Pavle Pavlovic, tourist guide
Photos: Pavle Pavlovic